The densimetric or “air density” tables allow separation of granulated material of homogeneous size and shape, but with a large difference in density. The separation is done using a combination of an air driven fluidized bed and an inclined vibrating table. The densimetric table is a closed, inclined, vibrating bed, longitudinally bound to the recycling (grinding) machines by elastic supports; the table is perforated and is crossed, in vertical sense, by an air flow which, combining with the action of the vibrations, produces the separation of the light fraction (plastic) from the heavy one (copper); the light fraction (plastic) goes down the table to reach the lower part while the heaviest metal fraction goes up until it reaches the top from which it is collected in a box. The air flow is recovered by a suction hood and then treated by a dust removal system, that separates the heavy fraction (copper) from the light fraction (plastic).


Our tables are custom made and widely used for the following recycling processes:

  • Electric cables (copper and aluminum)
  • Plastic materials
  • Wood
  • WEEE electrical and electronic equipment
  • Electronic PCB boards

Please ask us for a quotation indicating the model of the recycling machine and the dimensions of the table.

PCB BOARDS recycling