Lestoque is formed by a network of professionals with great experience in the international market. Our company operates in two distinct but often complementary fields: the trade of industrial goods and the engineering of production solutions. Headquartered in Miami, Lestoque is active throughout America, from North to South, thanks to offices, product development centers and logistics warehouses. Our multilingual team has built an efficient network of commercial relationships which, since 2001, have been the main assets of the company: we are proud to make this available to our customers. 

5 x Warehouses

Logistics hubs strategically located along the North/South American trade axis.

2 x Continents

From Canada to Argentina, a long-standing asset of business partnerships.

2 x Hubs

Our hubs in Miami and São Paulo are efficiently connected to our partners.

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4 x Trading Offices

Interconnected trading offices covering an area of over 1 billion consumers.

20 x Years of Activity

A growing number of customers consolidated by years of success.

4 x Multilanguage Customer Service

Our sales team provides a 24h multilingual sales and product design service.

Our Services


International Engineering Team

Technical Assistance

24-hour Technical Assistance

Global Logistic

Import/Export Management

Industrial Planning

Process Development and Setup